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  • SpamAssassin plugin for SquirrelMail. This plugin was originally made by jfesler. I've made a few cosmetic changes, slightly improved its performance, and made various other enhancements to keep pace with SA.
    • fg_spamassassin-20041223-1.7.tar.gz : This is an upgraded version of 1.6 for use exclusively with SA 3.0.x. Aside from that it is essentially the same thing. This plugin has also been renamed from "spamassassin" to "fg_spamassassin" as there was an existing plugin with the same name.
    • spamassassin-20040723-1.6.tar.gz : MySQL and files on disk as a settings store, a config file where various settings are made, bug fixes, HTML fixes, etc. Use this if you are using SA 2.6.x.
    • sq12-spamassassin-20020926.tar.gz : This version is compatible with SquirrelMail 1.2.x only. It is very old and should not be used.
    • patch-postfix-2.2.1.pl : Perl patcher to add authd support to postfix 2.2.1-2.2.3
Home / News / Links / Rules / Users / Downloads / Donate