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This is the first (and currently the only) Authd ruleset repository. Here you will be able to search the authd rules that other people are currently using and be able to see their notes on them as well. You'll even be able to email them out to you, or view them in a cut&paste manner, ready to be used if you so desire in the future.

The rules are grouped together to create sets - each group is meant for a specific provider (earthlink, yahoo, netcom, msn, etc.) and their other associated domains. Some groups will be real simple, such as for Asia and MSN while others will be more complex, such as for Yahoo.

Groups also have locality classifications - North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Global, and NFC (no fucking clue - for when the line is fuzzy, or your geography isn't that great). I'm not sure if Europe should be broken down into East and West or not. Thoughts?

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